Data Center Migration & Server Relocation Services

Data is the major aspect of any modern business. As technology has grown, the demand for highly evolved data centers has also increased. data center migration best practices Most businesses depend on accurate data collection, which is used to make major decisions for growth. At such stage, migrating the entire data center to another work area could be difficult and unsecured.
No matter how complex the task is, ItPickup has experience in providing the best data center migration services that not only minimize risk but also gain more efficiency.

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    We come up with a transparent data migration plan that defines every process and performs them accordingly. With a long history, we are well-equipped to handle your high-valued IT assets to deliver them to the destination without any damage. We have sufficient vehicles with trained engineers available to meet your time schedule. With no additional charge, you enjoy our service, meeting your budget and expectations.

    Process Followed for Migrating Data Centers

    We follow the data center migration best practices while planning your data center equipment migration, including the decision to move assets, a review of the environment, and gathering a professional team. All tasks are done in a synchronized way.

    Evaluation of the Present Data Center

    Before planning the migration and server relocation, our team evaluates your present data center migration strategy facility completely, paving the way for choosing the new facility and infrastructure. We will note anything that can be a plus point or a shortcoming for the new place.

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    developing a migration strategy

    Developing a Migration Strategy

    Complexities can arise while relocating servers and other data enter equipment from one environment to another. A solid strategy including all the critical aspects and a detailed plan of the migrations is required first, which would help us to complete the Herculean task efficiently.

    Choosing a Migrating Destination

    Evaluating different destination data center options is a good choice. Our team will identify a multiple compliant data centers that meet your organization’s data security and other requirements. They will visit the location to verify if it is as specified in the papers.

    What are the Advantages of a Data Center Migration?

    For many, data center migration can be a risk and incur high cost. However, our data center migration challenges relocation service cuts out all the difficulties, and the process can ultimately provide you with cost savings, improved security of data, and increased efficiency.

    Server Relocation

    Relocating highly-valuable servers can be critical and pose a safety risk. They can get damaged, and data loss and unplanned downtime can ruin your business. That’s why our server relocation services are carried out by well-trusted experts at minimal risk.

    Experienced in Services for Moving and Transporting IT Equipment

    Our data center migration specialists have years of experience in moving and transporting expensive IT assets. Whether a single device or the entire data center, you can rely on us to provide an effective migration and server relocation service at your convenience.

    Certified Field Engineers at Work

    If you think that server relocation may create any disturbance to your IT operations, we assure you that we only use a team of certified and qualified technicians who migrate your hardware reliably and securely without any downtime.

    Listing Your Equipment

    Server relocation is a high-risk job. It needs a well-defined preparation period and best practices to complete. However, listing the equipment and scheduling which equipment moves first and last and at what time can really help.

    Partnering with a Reputable Shipping Company

    Data center migration is not a packer and mover’s work. It needs knowledge and expertise in the IT industry. ITPickup provides a comprehensive data center migration plan and then executes them accordingly, while taking care of physical safety and security of all your equipment.

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      What is data center migration?

      Whenever an institution shifts its entire existing data center to a newer computing environment or location then that process is known as data center migration. This process consists of a data center migration checklist with various elements that must be executed carefully.

      Will there be any downtime during the migration?

      A good migration service provider will see through all the major data center migration considerations and complete the migration with minimal or no downtime. ItPickup ensures only such migration service for your data center that delivers almost zero downtime.

      Will I get updates throughout the downtime, if it is for 24 hours?

      Yes, updates will be provided constantly during each of the data center migration steps. Our migration specialists will ensure that all data center migration challenges are met with the proper expertise and regular updates to be provided to our clients.

      Are our data backups secure?

      Our data backups are performed by highly qualified experts that would ensure all your data and files are backed up on a secure medium. These backups can protect you against sudden hardware failure, power failure, human-caused errors, cyber-attacks, natural disasters, etc.

      Will the migration have an impact on third-party setups, API integrations, and other application integrations?

      No, the migration will not affect any third party setups, API integrations or any other application integration that you have on your older data center. You can resume your operations as soon as the migration is completed without any issues.

      Will the IP address of my institution remain the same?

      It is not completely possible to retain the older IP address of an institution. Under the data center migration project plan, the data center locations are generally changed so due to different geographical reason, the IP address will also change.

      How quickly can I get the data center environment ready for a move or migration project?

      First of all, create a proper and detailed data center migration plan document that will contain all the essentialities of the migration process. Design pre-migration project planning, application and asset inventory, new data center planning, migration day planning and finally post migration planning.

      What are the advantages of migrating a data center?

      A data center migration can help you to save costs. It will portray the unnecessary usage of physical space, extra data occupying space of the data center, etc. It can also help in improving security by assessing vulnerabilities.