Data Erasure Services

Are you looking to dispose of your old and outdated storage drives? Before discarding these storage drives, it is extremely crucial to wipe the data on them permanently in a way that it cannot be recovered. Traditional data deletion methods cannot achieve permanent data removal and data can be recovered in many cases. This can be used against you or your firm and may harm your revenue and public stature. To help you with this dilemma, Itpickup brings you data erasure services wherein we provide permanent and thorough data removal with the use of advanced and sophisticated BitRaser data erasure software.

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    This complete process is performed by our expert IT engineers and specialists. You can achieve complete data removal with our services without fail. We offer our services at very attractive prices and you will get a detailed report of the complete procedure from our end. All types of storage devices are covered under our data erasure services.

    Full Report Of Erasure

    Itpickup can offer you a comprehensive report once the data erasure on your storage devices has been completed. The report will include information on how data erasure services were conducted on those storage drives, as well as what files and media were erased by the data erasure software during the procedure.

    Degaussing & Shredding SSDs Can Be Risky

    Degaussing and shredding are cost-effective methods of physically destroying SSDs but are not always the most secure. Degaussing will not work on SSDs because they do not store data magnetically. Physically shredding the SSDs is also not an option because the destroyed SSD pieces must be smaller than 2mm, which is impossible to achieve with most industrial shredders. So, risk for data access remains.

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    Data Erasure Helps Avoiding Any Risks

    With BitRaser data erasure software, the data at all sectors of the storage drives can be overwritten with zeros and ones. After this, the original data will be unrecoverable. The data erasure software will also check if the data has been completely overwritten or not. Data erasure can help to avoid and eliminate environmental pollution and data leak concerns.

    Data Erasure For All Storage Devices

    Itpickup can fulfil data erasure requests for different types of storage devices. Data on all types of industrial and domestic storage devices can be erased in a secure manner through our data erasure services. HDDs, SSDs, USB thumb drives, microdrives, flash-based storage media drives, secure digital card memories and many other devices are covered under our services.

    Reasons To Choose Itpickup

    • We are certified and authorized by CPCB and KSPCB.
    • We have several safe E-waste collection centers all over India.
    • Our data erasure services are designed to keep the environment clean and green. No harmful waste will be disposed of in the environment.
    • A detailed report of the full data erasure procedure along with certification will be provided.

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      What are the tools that Itpickup uses for data erasure?

      ItPickup uses Blancco for secure data erasure on various types of electronic devices. This data erasure software uses standards that are called DoD 5220.22-M and NIST 800-88 Standard. Data erasure with Blancco ensures that your sensitive data is permanently deleted from the storage drives with no possibility of recovery.

      Can I destroy the data on my own?

      Yes, you can destroy the data on your own but you would have to ensure no data traces remain on the devices. Eliminating the drive physically or formatting it does not ensure complete erasure of data. Data erasure software uses sophisticated methods to erase data present on the device permanently.

      How long should it take to finish a disk wipe?

      Well, that would depend on the size of the drive, the amount of data stored in the drive and the method being used for wiping the disk. A good data erasure software can complete the data erasure request within several minutes or even several hours.

      How can I verify data erasure?

      You can expect complete and thorough data erasure and removal through our comprehensive data erasure procedure. After the data erasure process is completed, we will provide you with a detailed report which will serve as a proof for all the files that have been deleted through our services.

      What types of devices can I give you for erasure of data?

      We provide data erasure services for various types of electronic storage devices. Devices such as USB drives, SSDs, HDDs, digital card memories, micro drives, flash based storage media drives, et cetera are applicable for our data erasure services. We also provide secure onsite data erasure at your physical location.

      Does ItPickup provide data erasure certificate?

      Our data erasure services are authorized by KSPCB as well as CPCB. ItPickup performs certified data erasure on your devices with 100 percent permanent data removal and at the completion of the data erasure process, we provide a certificate as proof of our honest and sincere services.