Data Recovery Services

Losing data is never a good experience. No matter how it happened, it’s a pain and brings incredible stress. Well, there is no need to feel stressed anymore. You can call ITPickup and take rest in your cabin.
If you have lost your drive or it has been physically damaged or corrupted by a virus, you should seek secure data recovery services right away. Understanding the problem and following a proper process will definitely bring success to all recovery attempts.

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    We receive a large number of ssd data recovery requests on any given day. So here we would like to confirm that our team has been professionally trained in every aspect of the recovery process and they will always take the safest course of action for you. Our data recovery customer service team is available 24/7 for your service. Drop your query to get your case started.

    Data Recovery from Deleted or Formatted Files

    Is it possible to recover my lost data recovery software for failing hdd? Yes, it is possible to recover your lost files from a deleted or formatted hard drive. All you need is our experienced data recovery professional who knows all the tactics to get your files back for you.

    Physical Recovery of Data lost due to Damage

    Recovery of data from a damaged hard drive is not like using ordinary data recovery tools and technology. It might not be easy to maximize the chances of a successful data recovery, but it is time to get help from our expert data recovery service.

    data recovery from deleted or formatted files

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    If you have any questions or queries about IT equipment buyback services, feel free to contact us by Telephone, Email, or Requesting a Quote. We'll be happy to assist you.
    data recovery from overwriting

    Data Recovery from Overwriting or Loss

    If a file is overwritten, new data is generated over the old one, making it sometimes impossible to recover the original file. Fortunately, our skilled data recovery professionals can recover your overwritten data by rebuilding your lost data files.

    Unique Data Recovery Process for Photographers

    We are proud to offer a data recovery service near you, specially designed for photographers. Our expert team evaluates and utilizes sets of resources by which they can help photographers who need to recover photos that have accidentally been deleted.

    Hard Disk Data Recovery on Apple (Mac) PCs

    Are you looking for an Apple Mac hard drive data recovery service? Call our professionals to recover any data that has been damaged, corrupted, or lost due to a hard drive failure. We can recover your files from all Apple and Mac storage disks.

    Online Technical Support & Remote Data Recovery

    We have a wide variety of remote data recovery services to serve technical solutions and online support. We care about your time and convenience. Our technical support team works tirelessly to assist you in any data loss situations that do not necessitate physical visitation.

    Tally Data Recovery and Repair Service

    Tally is a software that contains lots of confidential and sensitive data and transactions. Unfortunately, the corrupted or crashed software will get you into a mess. If it happens, contact our best Tally Data recovery service right away to resolve the problem.

    Data Recovery from CCTV DVRs

    Give us a chance to prove our speciality in any situation where you want to recover CCTV, DVRs, or any video recording from damaged hardware or devices. We use several cutting-edge techniques and tools to retrieve erased data from such devices.

    Data recovery from a Server or RAID

    Any unanticipated server or RAID failure can result in downtime for your company. Hold our helping hand for server and RAID data recovery service, in which the data is not only recovered but also restored from the system and the RAID storage media.

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      data recovery


      What is the procedure for data recovery?

      Data can be recovered, restored and made accessible after it’s obstructed due to technical or mechanical failures. During which the case is evaluated, checked and tested for any recoverable data. Later, copies are made and faulty issues are fixed to retrieve it.

      Is data recovery service expensive?

      Not at ITpickup, we offer genuine prices for an efficient service. However, the cost varies depending on factors like the type of storage devices, extent of damage, requirement of extra components and number of engineers working on it and such.

      How long does the data recovery process take?

      First, we will carefully evaluate the cause and device and then provide a date without any false promises and as soon as possible. Our professional and well-trained engineers will handle the process and use the best data recovery software like the EaseUS Data Recovery.

      What is your rate of success?

      We carefully assess and design the best course of action for our clients before we proceed. 96 percent of recovery with effective results is achievable. Submit your issue to connect with our 24×7 technical help for a detailed account.

      What kind of devices can you recover data from?

      We can recover data from deleted or formatted files, damaged storage devices, Mac PCs, hard drives from laptops, DVRs, recovery from backup tapes, floppies, CDs, DVDs, SD cards, USB flash drives, smart devices, cameras, printers, etc.

      What are the typical warning signals of media failure?

      Some telltale signs could be – data is not being saved properly and regularly, disappearing data, constant error notifications while trying to save or access your data. Noticeable strange noises, repeated system or program crashes and reduced overall performance.

      Will my data be kept private?

      At ITpickup stringent privacy policies and confidentiality are followed under strict professionalism. We never had any kind of data breach, nor did we violate any client data so far and we strive to keep it that way.

      Why should I choose ItPickup for data recovery services?

      We offer to pick up the devices, we also have a technical team available 24×7. We prioritize to follow safe and recognized recovery methods and you can compare our prices when you search for other data recovery services near me.