Data Center Relocation Services

Is your company planning to migrate its data center to another location to increase its capacity and include new services. Moving all the systems and setup from one facility to another is not a piece of cake. It is necessary to implement a plan to ensure that migration is done smoothly and securely.

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    As it is a crucial task, you will need a data center relocation service provider to carry your burden of migrating your company’s IT assets and data appropriately. Data center relocation involves process of successfully transferring an entire data center to a new location, while keeping the cost and risk factors as key considerations. Since it is essential, you may be looking for the most affordable and effective option.

    ITPickup has years of experience in data center relocation services. We are a trusted name and can help you move all your assets and applicable data to new location easily and safely.

    Data Center Relocation Checklist

    A data center is equipped with lots of IT assets, so it’s not simple to move alone. While migrating, any data center will need proper planning. Choose our experts with adequate data center relocation experience who will invest time and resources, along with a complete checklist of important aspects that should be considered before moving.

    Project Plan and Financial Planning

    We will first create a structured project plan for relocation of your data center, which includes hardware/software prerequisites, schedule, review of each step, confirmation by the administration, risk identification, and data center relocation costs. The complete migration process along with a competitive budget will be planned beforehand.

    data center relocation checklist

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    audit of equipment and processes

    Listing of All Necessary Aspects.

    Planning a data center relocation but don’t know where to start? Get our skilled professionals to help you. Each migration is different and requires careful planning, monitoring, and maintaining a list of necessary aspects like all the information and responsibilities. Our team will help you in executing the whole process successfully.

    Audit of Equipment and Processes

    Our team will review all the current infrastructure equipment. Once all the equipment has been mapped, decisions are made about which devices need to be upgraded, replaced, moved, or even decomposed. The audit of all processes will indicate areas of improvement and help in better planning for the new data center.

    Choices for Data Center Relocation Method

    The data center relocation plan entails moving IT resources from one platform to another considering which type of relocation will suit your business needs. There are several methods of transferring existing data to the new location, like network-based data transfer, backup drives, and portable media. We will do it smoothly, based on your chosen method.

    Enable Improved Energy Efficiency

    With the growth of digital technology, energy consumption has also increased. Moving to cloud computing workloads in a data center can improve energy efficiency. When considering relocating your data center, we will help you opt for the most favorable location and infrastructure changes that allow you to reduce energy consumption and environmental impacts.

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