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Are you looking for a way to get rid of your used laptop to get the best of its remaining value? Selling deprecated products to someone can be a headache for many people. We provide simple and easy service for people who want to sell old used laptops. You do not have to go to different websites and upload pictures of your laptop and haggle over the prices with multiple buyers. We save your time and money by offering you the greatest value for your used laptop. You can sell used Apple, HP, DELL, ALIENWARE and Lenovo laptops to us, regardless of their condition. We will offer you the highest possible quote for them depending on their condition and current market value.

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    Find Your Used Laptop's Worth

    One of the most troublesome concerns that customers have is finding what their used laptop is worth in today’s market. You can get the best valuation for your old laptop on our website. Simply submit the brand name, model number, and a few questions regarding the laptop’s condition, we will instantly fetch the best quote and send it to you.

    Upgrade to a New Laptop or Macbook

    Laptops tend to wear out after years of continuous usage. Buying a new laptop could be expensive for many users. You can lighten your financial load by selling the used laptop that has been gathering dust in your workplace. The money you get from selling your laptop can be invested in buying a better laptop or even a trendy Apple Macbook.

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    If you have any questions or queries about IT equipment buyback services, feel free to contact us by Telephone, Email, or Requesting a Quote. We'll be happy to assist you.
    We Buy All Major Brands

    Easy and Secure Process, Fast Payment

    You do not have to worry about the payment for your laptop. We will instantly initiate the payment process for your laptop as soon as it reaches our facility. We support multiple payment methods and you can opt for your preferred way for receiving the payment. The whole buyback process and payment transaction are very easy, secure and swift.

    Complete Data Erasure

    There can be some data left on the laptops when people sell them to us. Even if you had formatted them, there can be traces of residual data left that can be used to reconstruct your data. Our specialized technicians will perform proper and strict data erasure procedures on the laptop to get rid of all the data permanently.

    Free Pick-up and Transport

    You do not have to go to a shop or even move a muscle while you are selling your laptop. Our shipping team will reach out to you and pack your laptop in recyclable and safe packaging. It will then be transported to our facility. And, yes, you do not have to pay a single penny for any of this.

    Safe Device Disposal

    Our team will inspect and examine your laptop thoroughly. If it has some further use left, it will be refurbished and sold on the market. Unusable laptops will be disassembled and we will try to find valuable components and precious metals that can be recycled and reused. We follow strict laws and regulations to keep the environment clean and green.

    Best Price Guarantee

    There are various buyback dealers in the market to whom you can sell your used laptop. But naturally, you would prefer someone who will offer the highest price for your laptop. We promise to offer the best and most attractive value for your outdated laptop, compared to any other buyer. 

    Our Process

    send us a list

    Send Us a List

    Send us a list of the laptops that you want to sell. The list should include brief details about the laptop like the brand, quantity, model number, date of purchase, etc.

    get competitive quotes

    Get Competitive Quotes

    Once we receive the list of the laptops, we will provide you with the best and most competitive quote depending on their present market value, condition and remarket value.

    free shipping

    Free Shipping

    After you accept the quote, we will arrange for the shipping of your laptop from your location to our site. The shipping service will be absolutely free of charge.

    instant payment process

    Instant Payment Process

    Our payment process is highly secure and we process the payment instantly with no delays or issues. You can get the payment as soon as you accept the quote.

    multiple payment options

    Multiple Payment Options

    ItPickup offers all the available forms of online payment methods. You can opt for bank transfer, UPI or any other payment method according to your preferences.

    safe and secure

    Safe and Secure

    This complete selling process will be safe and secure and you will dispose of the old laptop for good returns. You can sell used laptop online in India from all locations.

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      How can I sell my used laptop online?

      You can contact ITPickup to request for pick up of your used laptop if you decide to sell old laptop of yours. We will provide you with an instant quote based on the best pricing plans to help you decide whether you want to sell old laptop online or not.

      Which is the best platform to sell used laptops in India?

      ITPickup is one of the best platforms to sell used laptop online with unmatched pricing options If you are thinking about how to sell used laptop, you must consider us, to get the best possible buyback service.

      Which types and brands of used laptops do you buy?

      Most of the time, people prefer HP or Dell laptops when they want to buy used laptops. We buy used laptops from all brands that are in good condition to help our customers sell used laptop online India, and make sure that they get the optimum price.

      Do outdated computers and laptops have any value?

      Some of the residual value of outdated computers and laptops can be monetized and some parts can be reused to manufacture new laptops. If you are sure that ‘I want to sell my laptop’, you should ensure that it is not too outdated.

      When will I receive my payment?

      Whenever you will sell laptop online, you will get the payment as per the payment mode chosen by you. The whole payment procedure is quick in our case. The customers can easily get our website when they research ‘sell used laptop for cash near me’.

      Do you buy broken laptops also?

      Yes, we can consider buying broken laptops provided that their cosmetic and working condition is not too bad. A slight crack or very little damage can be ignored but if we find that the laptop is badly damaged and doesn’t function, we wouldn’t buy it.