Sell used graphics cards

Are you an environmentally conscious buyer who wants to seek out ways to dispose of unused electronic products like GPUs safely? With IT Pickup’s buyback program, you can avail of safe disposal and higher returns on the sold outdated GPUs. We take any GPUs like AMD, Nvidia, etc., and offer the best buyback prices. IT Pickup has a facility of exchanging your older GPUs with new products with the earned credits that helps to upgrade the infrastructure. Once you submit a list, we make a quote and proceed to the quick payments. A free pickup option is the added benefit.

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    Sell graphics cards of all brands

    You can get rid of used GPUs from your company by selling them at IT Pickup. We purchase all brands of GPUs, including AMD Graphic cards, Nvidia Graphic cards, Sapphire, MSI, XFX, etc. and provide the best values to your old graphic cards that you wish to sell. 

    Easy and simple buyback process

    IT Pickup offers a hassle-free buyback program, which involves a simple step-by-step process to sell your graphic cards quickly. Initially, our technicians will ask about basic equipment details, including age, condition, brand, model, etc. and perform an on-site audit for completing a quick survey to determine the proposal. 

    Maximum returns on old graphics cards

    Do you have older or outdated graphic cards in stock and don’t know what to do with them? The best choice is to sell at IT Pickup, which offers excellent returns on GPUs. You can sell us any brand and model of GPUs and gain the best market values. 

    Exchange and upgrade to advanced GPUs

    IT Pickup has availability of exchange, which allows you to replace your older equipment with advanced GPUs to improve data operations performance. You can receive the best deals for your sold GPUs and use those savings to purchase new GPUs or other assets to establish an advanced IT environment. 

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    If you have any questions or queries about IT equipment buyback services, feel free to contact us by Telephone, Email, or Requesting a Quote. We'll be happy to assist you.

    Submit GPU list & get instant quotation

    Once you contact our team, we will ask you to send a list of GPUs, including quantity, working condition, purchase date, number of cores, bandwidth, etc. Based on an on-site evaluation by our expert team, we will prepare a quote by considering prevailing market trends and their conditions. 

    sell used graphics cards

    Safe and quick order payments

    If you agree to our proposed quotation, we proceed to step further and ready to process the payments quickly without any delay. You can opt for either payment or exchanging with new products from us. We can pay the amount in the form of either cash or cheque. 

    Secure package & pickup by IT PickUp team

    IT Pickup offers the safest pickup services and ensures that the GPUs are packaged safely without any physical damages. Our team will transport GPUs to the warehouses by picking them up from your doorstep as we value your time. No need to pay extra charges to access pickup services.

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