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    Have the IT decision makers of your company decided to do away with the excess and dispensable IT hardware equipment and purchase new hardware infrastructure for evolving needs of your business? If you have surplus of used but no longer required desktops, laptops, workstations, servers, printers, scanners, modems, network cards, hard disc and other drives, routers, firewalls, webcams, other peripheral devices, etc., we’ll procure those from you under our IT hardware buyback program.

    it hardware buyback

    IT Hardware Equipment

    At IT Buyback, we understand the value of quality asset management and thus, we help you to achieve that goal. We provide you the opportunity to retrieve the maximum value from excess hardware equipment and responsibly dispose the e-waste. We have a fully documented and transparent step-by-step process, starting from the evaluation of equipment, procurement, data destruction, restoration of usable parts, and dismantling of the unwanted ones and payment. We also offer new IT hardware equipment if you want to upgrade your systems at budget-friendly prices. We assure you that we’ll give you the best value on our buyback and your purchase of new equipment from us.

    We Buy

    Servers & Server Spares

    We help you get your hands off the surplus and unwanted tower, blade and rack servers and server spares of popular brands providing you with the finest value.

    Network Equipment

    We put forth reasonable offers to buy your network equipment promising the highest values on your surplus products.

    Backup Storage

    Bag a fair amount from your old or new backup storage of all ranges with our flexible buying programs.


    We are totally interested in buying your unwanted, old, used or outdated PCs and laptops while offering best returns on them.


    Sell your surplus and unnecessary processors to us and benefit yourself with a reasonable amount of money. We price them considering all its specifications.

    Cloud Data Centers

    IT PickUp allows you to cash in on your cloud data centers at its best prices that can help you optimize your business operations successfully.

    Our Process

    • 1

      Send the List of Equipments

      Prepare and send a list of your equipment, model, description and other specifications.

    • 2

      Evaluation of Equipment

      We evaluate the equipment model and analyze the condition of your equipment.

    • 3

      Onsite Inspection

      Onsite inspection is conducted to verify and check the performance of your equipment buy our team.

    • 4

      Best Proposal

      Depending on the equipment model and condition we prepare the best proposal with detailed information of your equipment worth.

    • 5

      Payment Processing

      After the verification our team will contact and re-check the amount details to be paid then process the payment securely.

    • 6

      Free Collection

      After payment has been made, our team will collect the equipment anywhere in India for free of cost.

    Buyback Centers

    Our IT hardware buyback service is available all over India. You can call us or place a buyback request on our website, and we will take care of the rest. So, Hurry up and get in touch with us for the best and most convenient IT Pickup deals.
    hyd itbuyback


    Get rid of the e-waste lounging in your office with our best IT BuyBack services in Hyderabad to gain the best returns on your investment.



    Take advantage of our finest buyback deals for greater values and help your company clear out the harmful e-waste.



    Our top most buyback services in Bangalore aid in bringing best returns to you from your surplus, unwanted and outworn IT equipment.



    Pile up your savings for updating and renewing your IT infrastructure with our sizeable buyback deals with many added advantages.



    Maximize your returns by wiping out excessive hardware in your workplace with our simple and efficient buyback processes.

    new delhi

    New Delhi

    Sell your obsolete and excess IT products to turn unused assets into lucrative amounts with the help of our IT PickUp branch in New Delhi.



    Trade your company’s end of life and outdated IT equipment with our best return values and authentic buyback services in Coimbatore.



    Relish your returns by discarding the worn out and exhausted IT hardware and taste the blend of safety and reliability with our buyback dealers in Ahmedabad.

    IT Pickup offers customized solutions to match your requirements

    It 's important to us to understand your requirements and objectives. We listen and work together to create an unforgettable and truly unique experience.

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      What kind of IT inventory do you buy?

      We purchase all your used IT inventory, including servers, server parts, networking equipment, processors, computers or laptops, storage devices, etc. We provide the best returns on your unused bulk inventory no matter what their brands and models.

      How can you vouch for data safety?

      You may worry about the data present in the hard drives. IT Pickup assures data safety by providing data destruction, through which we eradicate all data without involving third parties. Hard disk shredding is also offered for data security.

      Can I get an instant quote? What information will you need for that?

      Once you contact us for selling IT hardware, we immediately proceed to the further steps. You need to provide the basic details of equipment, including age, model, brand, etc. Then, we prepare an appropriate quote after inspecting the products.

      What is your regular pricing? How will you assess the equipment?

      We offer reasonable and appropriate buyback prices for your used hardware. The prices will be estimated by evaluating the equipment by our professional engineers. During this evaluation, they verify the hardware condition, the number of years used, serial numbers, etc.

      Do you guarantee the payment beforehand? What payment method do you use?

      Yes, we ensure to provide the payment before collecting the equipment from your office or home. Our team will re-check the amount details after accepting the proposal. We offer all online transactions, NEFT transfers, or cash for payment processing.

      What is the return policy?

      The best buyback returns have been provided for your sold equipment, including servers, laptops, or workstations with any brand and model. You will receive maximum returns upon your approval of a quotation and invest in improving DC performance.