Hard Drive Crushing Services

Data is a pivotal force for any working organization and most of it is digitalized, stored in storage drives and on cloud. When you leave behind such hard drives there’s a high chance of it being misused, so why not destroy it completely. Hard drive crushing involves physical destruction of external hard drive, storage devices using a hard drive crusher. Get rid of all the used and unwanted hard drives through Itpickup. We will help you permanently destroy your hard drives in seconds. The process is handled by Itpickup staff and the crushing can be done at your convenience.

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    You can pick your own facilities, offices or warehouses or leave it to us. Get in touch with us and our team will come and pick the hard drives for you. We are certified e-recyclers and will carefully dispose of the e-waste in an environmentally friendly manner. We will also delete your data 100 percent before crushing the drives. Utilize Itpickup to dispose of all of the used and discarded hard drives. Your hard drives will be totally destroyed, immediately with our assistance. Itpickup maintains a steady procedure, and you can complete the crushing whenever it’s convenient for you.

    How Much Does It Cost To Smash A Hard Drive?

    Factors that determine the price of the entire process include number of hard drivers, pick up location, place of destruction and final disposal. However, our overall pricing for Hard drive crushing service are reasonably low compared to the other E-management service providers. Get in touch with our support team for more information.

    Advantages Of Hard Drive Crusher

    Hard driver crusher is an effective, inexpensive and fast method to dispose of HDD, ssd hard drive. This machine physically shreds the drive’s platter and renders it totally unusable and disabled for data retrieval. Once the platter of the drives containing the data is crushed and shredded it’s impossible to retrieve data from it .

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    Environment-Friendly Crushing

    Need to get rid of those hard drives but in an eco friendly manner? Then we are here to assist you destroy those hard drivers and dispose of them responsibly. Itpickup uses a robust hard drive crushing machine with minimum power usage. We totally crush the drives and sort them for recyclable materials and disposal.

    Hard Drive Crushing: The Most Trusted Option For Data Security

    Har drive crushing is a cost effective method of having the drives destroyed without data loss or misuse. Even though the hard drives are wiped there’s still a chance of residual data being left behind. So physically crushing and eliminating the drives in an unrecoverable manner through a hard drive crusher is much safer.

    Itpickup Process Of Crushing Drives

    Get in touch with our team to discuss the terms, once you’ve confirmed the deal we shall come to the site of your choice or destroy at our facility and provide you the video proof. After the crushing, we will sort through the material to separate recyclable material and dispose of the rest in a way that does not harm environment.

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      Will smashing a hard disk make it useless?

      Ever wonder what to do with a hard disc that is no longer in use? The data on the hard drives can likewise be rendered worthless by simply bashing them with a hammer and destroying the drives. However, take care when doing it yourself. It might be risky.  

      Why is a hard drive crushed? Is it a good method?

      For several causes, including human error, hardware failure, heat and water damage, power issues, and many others, hard drive crushing can happen. It is among the best methods for wiping off your hard drives.

      How can I be sure that my data is safe?

      Crushing your hard drive results in physical damage that often reduces the HDD’s lifespan. It is nearly impossible to connect the crushed hard drive and read the data. This is the simplest technique to destroy hard drives.

      How are data erasure procedures handled?

      Data security is increased and any chance of data loss is decreased through data wiping or data erasure. We will arrive at the location with a team of trained engineers and all the necessary tools required to handle the wiping procedure.

      What process do you follow for crushing hard drives?

      ItPickup provides on-site and off-site hard drive crushing services so that they can be securely destroyed. Experts have tested and confirmed that after a device has gone through the crushing process using our HDD crusher, no data can be retrieved from it.