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    Do you have any used routers and switches and want to earn some amount of your initial investments? ITpickUp provides the best buyback program to sell any brand of routers such as Cisco, IBM, and HP and gain reasonable values. We offer maximum returns by purchasing unwanted routers. You can exchange with new advanced routers and save depreciation costs on hardware. In addition, we release a quote and provide a free pick up service anywhere in India.

    Sell Old Routers of Any Brand

    If you want to sell old or used routers, you came to the right place as ITpickUp buys different routers like IBM, Cisco, HP, Intel, etc. We provide fair market values for the routers that are being sold.


    Easy Buyback Process

    We offer a comprehensive buyback program to purchase old or outdated routers instead of creating e-waste. After asset valuation, you can get some cash in return while reducing the negative impact on the environment with our safe disposal process. 

    Generate Returns from Unwanted Routers

    When you sell used or older routers, you can receive cash or credit that helps to recover a significant portion of initial costs on purchasing new IT products. Additionally, we ensure providing the best returns for your sold routers. 

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    If you have any questions or queries about IT equipment buyback services, feel free to contact us by Telephone, Email, or Requesting a Quote. We'll be happy to assist you.

    Exchange & Get Advanced Routers

    The organizations should be competitive and sustain growth demands. You can replace obsolete routers with new or upgraded routers to meet specific demanding needs in your business. It decreases the investment costs to create a new IT environment. 

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    Save IT Hardware Depreciation Costs

    The depreciation prices of your hardware can be avoided with our buyback process. It eliminates maintaining old IT assets and saves your money to help buy fresh products that foster employees’ focus on work with renovated IT structure. 

    Doorstep Pick from Anywhere Across India

    ITpickUp ensures the safest pickup services for your assets all over India, including Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, etc. Our team packs your routers safely and ships them to our warehouses without any physical damages to the equipment.

    Estimated Quote with High Price

    Based on the condition and market demands, we estimate the prices for routers once our engineers completed a quick survey about them. Accordingly, we make a quote using the provided details of the model, age, quality, quantity, etc. 

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      How or where can I sell my used network router?

      You can perform a local search online for places that sell routers near me. Once ItPickup appears in the search results, you can select it and place your request to sell used network routers. We will then arrange for the pickup.

      Do you buy routers from individuals?

      Yes. Whether individuals or organizations, both can sell old modems and routers on our platform. We will gauge the condition of these products to provide you with a fair market value. You can thus replace these obsolete routers with newer assets.

      Does ItPickup buy only specific brands of used network routers?

      You can sell used routers of any brand at ItPickup. Be it HP, IBM, Cisco, Intel, or other brands, you can place your selling request without any hesitation. We seek to help you maximize your ROI.

      Do you require a minimum order quantity?

      Wondering if can you sell old routers without any upper or lower limits on their quantity? Yes, you can. Feel free to reach out to us with your stock of old used routers, irrespective of their quantity.

      How quickly can I get a quote for my used router?

      After placing the request, we will perform an asset valuation based on the information you provide. Accordingly, we proceed to make the quote. Our team works at its best capacity to provide you with an instantaneous quote.

      How long will I have to wait for the payment?

      When you opt for selling used routers at ItPickup, we guarantee to provide you with the best return value. Once we verify the router’s condition, we prepare the quote as per the current market condition. As soon as these steps are over, we will then release your payment immediately.