Onsite Shredding Services

Onsite shredding is one of the most reliable ways to destruct your confidential data and information in the form of documents. However, it is not always practical for organizations to get this done in a timely and streamlined manner and thus they can go for the option of outsourced secure onsite shredding. While there are also options available for offsite shredding, choosing to go for onsite shredding will ensure minimal people come in contact with your confidential documents. Moreover, you will also save the time, effort and money needed to transport the documents to a plant/ offsite location for destruction purposes.

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    Outsourcing your shredding requirement to a trusted agency can not only save your team’s time, it will also provide you with assurance of complete privacy being maintained of your company’s information. ItPickup is a proven and reliable name in shredding services where document destruction is powered by the latest technology to enable faster services.

    What is the process of onsite shredding?

    Onsite shredding entails destruction of company documents on your location in a completely secure and transparent manner. In some cases, onsite hard disk shredding scraping, tapes destroying and destruction of data from CDs, DVDs etc. is also performed if the organization wants to securely get rid of their information from hardware.

    Benefits of Onsite Shredding Services

    When the process of shredding is done onsite, it is performed in front of you and immediately, without any need to move around documents or hardware. Onsite shredding service is more secure, adaptable to your needs and cost-effective.

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    Here are some of the benefits of onsite shredding:

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    1.Immediate Disposal

    While in offline shredding you must wait for transportation and then further for the actual destroying, onsite shredding is an immediate process. The shredder will be brought to your location to destroy the documents, hard disks and other equipment as per your requirement then and there.

    2.Visible and Real-time Destruction

    Onsite shredding happens right in front of your eyes. This means you will have complete control over who watches your documents, how many people can be available during shredding, and exactly how much data has to be destroyed. The real-time destruction offers total transparency.

    3.Single Step Handling

    Once you outsource your shredding requirement, the agency will come with their equipment to your location and begin destruction of documents/ hardware. There is no need of transporting the material, storing it in any facility and then waiting for the actual shredding process. This saves time and money as well as ensures uncompromised security

    CCTV Capabilities For Monitoring

    We also offer options of CCTV monitoring of our process so that you can monitor from a remote location and be assured of data confidentiality being maintained. Our system is comprehensively designed to ensure best services and complete shredding-related solutions to you. With us, you can get secure onsite shredding services at competitive rates.

    Why Trust ItPickup

    ITPickup is a professional IT asset pickup and disposal service provider. We are experts in onsite shredding with years of experience with some of the coveted names in the industry. By joining hands with us, you can be assured of timely service, end-to-end destruction of your documents and hassle-free disposal at frugal rates.

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