Data Destruction Services

Do you want to destroy your personal data or your company’s data securely? Do you fear that your data can be reconstructed and used for the wrong purposes? Well, you do not have to worry because with our data destruction services we can carry your burden of permanently wiping your data from your storage drives or systems. We, at ItPickup, can remove data from all types of storage drives with advanced procedures such as overwriting and degaussing. We can also destroy your drives in bulk via shredding and melting. We dispose of your destroyed storage drives in an environmentally friendly way and also give you certificates as confirmation and proof of our trustworthy services.

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    ItPickup is the best place to look for data destruction services. We provide fast and timely services to our users and our 24×7 active technical support team will also be present to clear all your queries about our services.

    Data Removal for All Types of Storage Devices

    We offer data removal and destruction services for all types of storage devices. Users store their data on many devices such as backup tapes, magnetic hard drives, solid-state drives, Storage Area Networks (SANs) and mobile device storage like mobile phones, tablets, etc. Office copiers, scanners and printers can contain residual data which if falls into the wrong hands can jeopardize the company. ItPickup can handle the data removal from all these devices and equipment, ensuring that all of your information is permanently and safely wiped.

    Multiple Options for Data Destruction

    We have multiple options for destroying your data that includes overwriting, degaussing, shredding of hard drives, drilling, melting. Overwriting is a way to wipe the data on your storage drives. In degaussing, the magnetic data on your hard drive is erased when it is exposed to a powerful magnetic field. Degaussers have a calibrated magnetic field and they are used for this purpose. A special shredder can destroy thick metallic drives. Methods like drilling, crushing and melting with molten vat are used when a drive is to be physically destroyed.

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    Certified Destruction Service with Documentation

    You do not have to worry if your data has been destroyed or not. We offer authentic and certified data destruction services and have always had pleasant responses from our clients. Our data destruction services are compliant with the NIST 800-88 r1 and DIN-66399 data destruction standards, and HMG IA Standard No. 5. We will give you proper documentation of how your data was handled and destroyed completely from our end. You will receive certificates of data destruction that prove the integrity and the credibility of our services.

    Data Destruction for Devices in Bulk

    ItPickup provides bulk data wiping and destruction services for large businesses. All the discarded solid-state drives and hard drives, etc. can be destroyed in bulk through our state-of-the-art shredder. The drives will turn into shredded pieces of metal strips, making it impossible to recover or reconstruct data from them. If you don’t want your storage drives to be destroyed, then we can erase your data completely, leaving no traces behind with our advanced commercial software. We ensure that all the hard drives are wiped clean and nothing is left behind.

    Proper and Secure Data Erasure and Disposal of Devices

    Users do not want traces of their sensitive data to be left on the discarded IT assets. These devices can be misused to reconstruct data which can also be leveraged against you and your company. With our complete and thorough data destruction services, you can get rid of all your data permanently. We use sophisticated and highly secure data erasure methodologies and software to wipe your data off your storage drives. We then dispose of your leftover components safely so they may not be used again and don’t pollute the environment.

    Beneficial for Your Business and Environment

    Opting for our data destruction services can be beneficial for your business. We take care of the complete process and you do not have to worry about anything. Destroying your data protects yours and your clients’ personal information from being accessed by suspicious entities. If the data is leaked, then the government can impose heavy fines on you. IT equipment can release toxic elements and compounds that can end up in the soil and water. Through our services, you can dispose of your equipment while keeping the environment clean.

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      Why should I get rid of my old tapes and hard disks?

      It is necessary to dispose of your old tapes and hard discs as it is very easy to recover all your data even when the hard disks are formatted. Company data is sensitive and if someone gets your private data, they can misuse that information.

      How can I find certified data destruction service providers near me?

      There is no need to find more. ITPickup is a fully secure and certified data destruction service provider. We work closely with you to protect your data from unauthorized access, using approved tools and techniques to permanently dispose of your assets.

      How do I know if they are trustworthy?

      We understand the importance of data security. Good IT disposal services provide all the measures to ensure data destruction securely. All confidential data can be destroyed under a well-defined process that is reliable and fully transparent.

      Is it legal to destroy data?

      Yes, for sure, it is compulsory and legal to destroy a company’s data to meet specific regulatory standards. Data is a vulnerable thing, and if you store a particular type of data like payment details, medical information, and clients’ documents, the company has to be committed to destroying all confidential details.

      Can I destroy the data myself?

      The easiest way to destroy data is to erase your hard drive files. Although this method does not guarantee that your private data is erased permanently. Someone with deep knowledge of accessing can remove data easily. So it is best to choose ITPickup to destroy your private data securely.

      How long should it take to erase a storage device?

      To be honest, it will take a minute or several hours. It all depends on how big your data is and what process you choose. The main purpose is to ensure that the files are removed and the hard drive and tapes are destroyed so that no one accesses them again.

      How can I be sure that data erasures have been made?

      It is necessary to request a “Data Destruction Certificate” from the service provider company. It is a document that contains legal proof that your data and device have been securely destroyed under government regulations.