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    Do you have unwanted IT Hardware in your office that needs to be replaced with new ones? Not sure whom to approach regarding these old equipment? Here we are, a trustworthy and certified company called “ITPickup” located in Hyderabad. We provide you with the best services. You can now clear the extra space used by your old IT equipment, and make good revenue out of them. We are one of the leading IT Hardware Buyback Organisation in India. We are available 24/7 to assist you regarding the IT hardware of your company. Why do you want to waste the unused hardware and leave them lying around, for no use? We help you make some profit out of it, which will be a huge benefit to your company.

    Sell Outdated IT equipment

    Are you having old IT equipment that are ready to be sold? Are they lying waste in your company and occupying much space? We from ITpick up, give you the facility of selling us your old and used IT hardware and in return, get a good amount of money. Instead of letting your outdated hardware occupy extra space in your company, you can turn them into good revenue.

    We from IT pickup provide you with the best buyback services. We take all the end of life IT hardware from your company and in return, give you good returns. We are ready to take all your equipment in bulk. This will help you clean off the space that is getting used up by your old equipment.

    Enormous Buyback

    Data Destruction

    After selling us your IT hardware, you might be worried about your data that is present in them. We have the facility of destructing your data completely so that no third person will be able to access it in any way. We also record the whole data destruction process for security purposes.

    Communicate with us

    Once you decide to sell your IT Hardware, you can communicate with us through the live chat option, or you can call on our toll-free number. We will immediately get in touch with you, and after coordinating you can send us the list of IT hardware equipment. You can also drop your mail at [email protected].

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    Network Equipment
    Backup Storage
    Cloud Data Centers

    Cras mattis iudicium

    Once you sent us a soft copy of the list of IT hardware equipment you have, with certain specifications like age, brand, condition and market value. We will send our engineers to your company/office to examine the equipment carefully. We cross-check every detail of the product before producing the quotation.

    On-Site Evaluation

    Receive Proposal

    After the evaluation of IT Equipment by our expert engineers at your location, we will prepare a detailed report on the status and quality of the products then give you a proposal.

    Approval and Payment

    Once the proposal of the quotation has been accepted, then the payment process starts. The transaction may be in the form of cash or cheque. You can either take the amount or buy new equipment from us.

    Free Transportation

    Are you worried about packing and transporting equipment to our warehouse? We send our vehicle to your office with our team to safely pack your IT Hardware and transport them to their destination without any transportation fee. Our services are active all over Hyderabad.

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      Do I need to pay for Pickup and Shipment?

      We aim to provide foremost customer satisfaction; thus, you don’t have to worry about packing or shipment. Instead, our efficient team reaches your place for the pickup process, packs the assets efficiently to protect from getting damaged and ships them to the warehouses. 

      What factors do you consider while estimating the hardware price?

      The technical team considers certain things, including the initial value of the asset, current market value, working condition, configuration, and overall performance. These parameters are sufficient to justify what maximum value can be offered for an IT asset. 

      Will you need any documents or papers along with my hardware?

      No, there is no need to present any hardware related document. You just have to provide the list of assets, and the rest our team will carry forward. Examining the assets is enough to decide the return on investment that could be offered to a client. 

      Will you help me with hardware dismantling?

      Yes, our team is an all-rounder and have years of experience in all such processes. If there is the refurbishment scope, then the assets are refurbished, else the remaining IT hardware will be dismantled. So the only task you are supposed to do is prepare the inventory list and leave the rest on us.

      Do you accept Single items or only bulk orders?

      We accept single as well as bulk orders. IT depends on what the client wants to sell and in what quantity. The key thing is you can get more rebates in case of bulk orders. 

      What is your return buying policy?

      Our return buying policy is highly customer-oriented. If you want to upgrade your IT infrastructure rather than credit, use the rebate amount to purchase the upgraded IT hardware from us at a modest cost.