Do you have surplus or old DDR4 memory of a server or laptop? You can use the buyback process at ITPickup to sell the memory and receive reasonable prices. We will buy all kinds of configured RAM and different brands like Dell, HP, IBM, etc. The program allows you to get increased returns or exchange with new RAM through our easy selling procedure. We provide an instant quote after testing the RAM thoroughly and free Pickup across India.

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    If you want to sell used DDR4 memory of your laptop, workstation, server, or desktop, you can opt for IT Pickup, which offers a buyback program to buy your old DDR4 RAM regardless of its configuration.

    Exchange Old Memory for New RAM

    ITpickup give the flexibility to replace the old DDR4 with a new one and provide the best deals for pricing. Accordingly, it reduces the investment costs for purchasing new RAM for your server, laptop, or workstation.

    Huge Returns on Any Brand Memory

    You can gain maximized returns by selling memory from any brand, including Samsung, IBM, HP, Dell, etc. We estimate reasonable and appropriate prices for your sold memory based on the configuration, brand, ranks, and other technical data.

    Easy Selling Process

    We offer an easier and secure selling process through which the used RAM purchases and provides the best value. In addition, our buyback program ensures the quick processing of each step from initial communication and gets good savings.

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    If you have any questions or queries about IT equipment buyback services, feel free to contact us by Telephone, Email, or Requesting a Quote. We'll be happy to assist you.

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    You can contact us to get an immediate quotation of the DDR4 RAM you want to buy at IT Pickup. Our team will respond instantly and estimate the quote based on RAM information, including frequencies, ranks, etc.

    Free Pickup Available Throughout India

    IT Pickup will send our team to your destination anywhere in India and collect the RAM without any extra charges. We ensure that the safe and secure shipping of RAM to our warehouses reduces your efforts on transportation.

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      Is selling used RAM safe?

      Yes, used RAMs can be sold with cent percent safety, provided you sell it to a certified, trustworthy computer consignment shop or ITAD company like You can sell DDR4 RAM for disposition.

      What will you do with old DDR4 memory?

      Once you sell DDR4, the memory is lost as RAM is plugged off of power. We simply recycle or reuse the RAM in another system to ensure it is repurposed.

      Do you purchase DDR4 RAM in bulk quantities?

      Yes, we purchase DDR4 RAMs of different brands like Dell, HP, IBM, etc. in bulk. In fact, you can get attractive returns or exchange offers on your RAM. Simply reach out to us with a request – sell my DDR4 RAM!

      How do you determine the value of used DDR4?

      Once you reach us by conveying ‘Sell my new DDR4 RAM’, we test the RAM and provide you with an immediate quote. The factors that decide the final offer are brand, technical specifications, configuration, rank, etc.

      How long does will you take to pay for it?

      We provide you instant quotes and the payment is made immediately. You can be assured that you will get the best quote for your DDR4 RAM.

      Does buy new memory also?

      Yes, if you have surplus new memory, you can contact us and schedule a pickup. We offer the best prices for memory in the market.