What is Server Recycling? Benefits Of Server Recycling?

server recycling


Technology is advancing at a rapid pace. To keep up with it, you need to upgrade your IT infrastructure, to stay agile, efficient, and relevant to the current market. The old, outdated servers occupy a significant portion of your business space. These servers have associated hardware that you can effectively recycle and reuse even after it is decommissioned. Recycling old servers is an environment-friendly approach to disposing of your obsolete servers.
As each company strives to ‘go green,’ server recycling emerges as one of the best ways to handle your decommissioned servers. We, at ItPickup, provide you with hassle-free recycling services. When you input the search query for IT equipment recycling near me online, you can easily locate our platform ‘ItPickup.’ You can place a request for server recycling on our site. We recycle your servers ethically and reliably, which makes us the leading recycling vendor in the market.

What is server recycling? How does it work?

Recycle server meaning implies the eco-friendly disposal of outdated servers. The server is brought to recycling centers, and the parts are segregated for recycling. It also involves safe data handling practices to delete confidential and sensitive information. Data destruction and shredding of the hard drives are integral to this process.

Environmental and Toxic Hazards of Decommissioned Servers

Servers consist of heavy metals that can significantly harm the environment when not disposed of properly. Over time, these toxic materials leach and contaminate the ecosystem, affecting the health and lifestyle of living beings. To curb the growing lifestyle risks of e-waste, recycling is necessary.

Recycling of Servers in Compliance with the Environment

ItPickup facilitates the server recycling process that is compliant with the environmental laws. We have certified recycling centers that adhere to state legislation. Our sustainability initiatives propel us to adopt an environment-first approach. We stay updated on the latest environmental standards to achieve the best results.

Process of Server Recycling

The server recycling process includes defined steps to achieve the desired results:

1.Server Collection and Pick-up From the IT Organization

When you search online for server recycling near me, ItPickup will show at the top of the results page. You can then easily put a server recycling request. Our team of service providers will come to your doorstep to pick up the decommissioned server from your organization.

2.Disassembly and Separation of Server Parts

Once we bring the server to our certified recycling center, we begin by disassembling the server. The materials are dismantled and separated. We then initiate the material recovery process. The entire process is organized, and advanced tools are used to yield the maximum recovery rate of materials and metals.

3.Secure Data Deletion

Your servers house critical, confidential data. It can cause severe data concerns if any third-party gains access to your data. We conduct comprehensive data deletion, and shred data to ensure that it is unrecoverable. We comply with the updated data protection laws when conducting data destruction.

2.Removal of Reusable Materials

Once we recover the materials in the previous steps, we recycle the usable materials. Recycling enables its further usage. It is used in producing new equipment, and functions as spare parts for existing systems. With this, we complete the server recycling process.

Server Recycling Benefits

A decommissioned server is e-waste. Server recycling promotes sustainability, and leverages the following benefits:

Recyclable materials are used for future projects.

Servers consist of various reusable materials. Recycling helps extract these materials for use in future projects. It facilitates reuse and reduces the strain on the environment for more resources. Recycled servers provide raw materials to construct future equipment.

Rare metals can be recovered.

Servers are storehouses of rare materials. When it is disassembled, it presents opportunities to recover rare metals. These metals have a scarce presence in the current market. Thus, recycling helps retrieve these rare metals. It prevents these metals from entering the landfills that curbing their value.

It keeps toxins out of the environment

One of the prime reasons for carrying out server recycling is to reduce the accumulation of toxins in the environment. It prevents leakage so that the air, water, and soil are not further contaminated. Through recycling, hazardous materials are prevented from entering the ecosystem.

How Can ItPickup Help?

Perform a local search for server recycling near me, and opt for ItPickup. We provide the best-in-class recycling services for your outdated servers. Our motive is to strengthen your ‘go green’ efforts. All you have to do is to place a pickup request and our team will handle the rest.


Take your sustainability efforts a step further with our server recycling services. Dispose of your servers in an environmentally-sound manner, recycle them, and ensure safe data destruction by opting for server recycling by ItPickup.

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