How can I sell my old server and replace it with a new one

sell used servers

Every enterprise has an abundant amount of obsolete servers, workstations and other IT equipment. Storing them for long covers office space and adds on into the storage costs and depreciation costs. With buyback programs, you not only free up the office space available When you have the option of accessing good rebates by selling them out, don’t think twice. If you are not known to buyback programs and looking for the answer to “how can I sell my old server and replace it with a new one,” then this guide will cater to you with every minute thing you must know about. So, let’s move forward with certain important things that will help you decide what and where and how to sell outdated servers.

Reasons to Sell Used Servers:

Looking forward to some excellent reasons for selling used and outdated servers? Do you want to eliminate used servers and can’t decide what exactly you should do with them? Well, sell them out through buyback programs. It is one of the most effective ways as it offers you great returns and exchange offers to upgrade existing IT infrastructure.

Below depicted are specific reasons to sell used servers to generate returns:

Improved Performance:

The most crucial reason for enterprises to sell or recycle outdated servers is they get enough budget to upgrade infrastructure to access enhanced performance.

Free up the Occupied Space:

Depending upon the organizational size, there can be loads of outdated servers in the storage, occupying essential office space and adding to storage costs. They do nothing despite gathering dust.

However, sell your outdated servers through buyback programs or recycle them to add money to your account and free office space. Use your freed space in other critical organizational tasks.

For Minimizing Depreciation Costs:

Consider depreciation as another good reason for selling out the used servers in bulk which makes sense.

Selling outdated servers earlier helps in yielding higher values. So rather than waiting for a longer period and adding depreciation costs, sell them out as soon as possible. The longer the server will be used or kept unused as junk, the lesser value it will retain.

The value you get for your used servers depends on the server’s market value and the upgraded versions available in the market.

Upgrade Existing Servers When Performance is Lacking:

Selling used servers offer you the opportunity of purchasing upgraded models to enhance top-notch performance. When the existing servers lack reliable performance, sell used servers and invest the gained amount to purchase servers with faster speeds, efficient storage, enhanced security features, and top-level performance.

With changing requirements, upgrading the server configuration becomes crucial. Make your company more competitive by upgrading existing servers.

Now when you know why you should sell old servers in India, let’s move forward to how you can sell used equipment near me and where to sell a server.

How and Where Do I Sell My Old Server?

Every professional should know that storing outdated servers for a long period isn’t a good idea. So, organizations should consider buyback and recycling programs based on the condition of servers. We buy used servers in addition to other IT equipment. Because of our foremost buyback options, customers consider us the best place to sell used servers.

Sell your old servers to us through our hassle-free procedures and avail of maximum return on investments. Thinking about how to sell used servers? The only thing you have to do is prepare a list of servers that you want to sell, mention related basics.

What Is The Basic Procedure For Server Buyback?

We value customer’s time and thus, make the buyback procedure quick and easy. Below depicted is the basic server buyback procedure:

    1. Initially, send us the list of outdated and used servers.  
    2. Our team reaches your place for evaluation and cost estimation.
    3. Based on the evaluation, an onsite quotation is provided to the customer.
    4. On accepting the offer, the customer is credited with the rebate and the data destruction process is carried out.
    5. Next to this, the dedicated team picks the purchased assets from the location and transports them to warehouses.
    6. Based upon the condition, either the server goes for refurbishment or recycling.

How Can I Find a Better Server Replacement?

As per your changed organization’s needs, replacing the existing servers with upgraded ones becomes essential. Through our buyback programs, you get the opportunity to sell the used ones and purchase new or refurbished ones at reasonable costs. Use the generated credit to purchase a better server replacement. In addition, if you are looking forward to the best place to buy used servers, then you even have the option of buying used servers at modest costs.

Can I ask for Returns Instead of Replacement?

Yes!! It is your choice to take rebates or use the credit as an exchange offer to purchase upgraded servers or other IT assets.

What Happens To The Servers I Sell?

It depends upon the condition of the servers. The end-of-life servers go for effective disposal and recycling procedures. At the same time, servers that can be fixed are sent for refurbishment. After getting fixed, these are made available for purchase. So if you don’t have enough budget to purchase new ones, you can buy a refurbished one at nominal costs.

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