How to Sell Computers and Laptops in Bulk

sell computers and lapotops in bulk

Does your organization occupy older or obsolete computers or laptops and require upgrading the environment with new products? You can sell them in bulk orders and receive great prices in return instead of dumping them as e-waste. Various and popular companies buy all kinds of older laptops and computers irrespective of their brand, model, and age. They will provide the best returns on investment costs of your hardware. 

Below mentioned points will help you to find in-detail information about selling bulk orders of your computers. 

Reasons for selling computers/laptops in bulk:

  • High profit margins

    The asset management solutions will purchase all types of computers, laptops, or other equipment in massive orders. These companies will assist in saving costs or competitive returns on IT hardware investments. A certificate of disposal is provided for equipment that is no longer valid or valuable assets and destroyed the hard drives to erase data permanently.

  • No more storage costs

    companies are spending storage and maintenance costs for unused hardware or assets. By selling these assets at the trusted recycling centres, you can end the storage costs while enjoying the benefits of higher returns.

  • Saves a lot of place for new equipment

    Are you thinking about saving your workspace that is occupied with obsolete or unused equipment? The ideal solution is to sell equipment to asset management providers that help keep huge space in your company. You can replace your older hardware with new or advanced products without spending depreciation costs.

  • Better consistency

    Your company achieves high productivity by replacing your surplus laptops or computers with new or fresh products. It can be helpful for employees to focus on the business that leads to improved outcomes with consistent performance.

  • Easy to pack and ship

    The bulk amount of selling hardware items is helpful for companies to gain more profits. You can safely pack them and transport them to the recycling warehouses without any physical damages.

sell computers and laptops

How to sell?

Before selling your laptops, computers, and other relevant electronic products, you’re required to follow the below-mentioned steps to receive the best deals from sellers. 

Prepare for a lot of research

Primarily, you have to ask yourself a fundamental question: why do you want to sell the equipment? Accordingly, search for the best service provider to sell used hardware. You better opt for a local buyer, online auctions, or trusted technology liquidators. Local buyers will provide the possibility of gaining more profit as they can reach out to the supply chain and buy from vendors directly without the involvement of third parties.

Beware of frauds

When sorting out buyback service providers, you need to be aware of fraudulent or scam companies because you may lose valuable assets and a higher chance of accessing personal data by third parties due to the incomplete data destruction processes.

Only choose certified buybacks

You should ensure that you select certified buyback providers before proceeding with the selling procedure. One of the best examples is IT Pickup, which specialises in buying e-waste and providing maximum returns on the sold assets. You can also choose e-auctions like eBay or other similar companies, where the prices are already fixed and break the auctions down based on product type. But, it is risky to handle depending on the market demands.

Compose equipment list beforehand

A list of equipment should be prepared beforehand to maintain the transparent process of payment and stock. However, the list includes basic hardware details like its condition, processors, CPU, RAM, purchase date, model, brand, serial number, etc. It will be helpful for the service providers to estimate the prices and evaluate the conditions of bulk computers.

Cross-check obtained quotations

Once you’ve sent the equipment list to the buying company, you will get instant quotes for your sold equipment. The proposals include the information about pricing details of the hardware that evaluate based on its operating condition and age. Verify the received quotations to get the proper concerning payments.

Get instant payment all the way

The trusted companies don’t delay the payment upon your approval of quotations. The payment may be cash or cheque or an online transaction.

Please make sure that you choose certified and trusted service providers to sell your used or obsolete IT products. 


Selling computers, laptops, or other hardware in huge orders gives you a range of benefits like increased profits, saves you more space, and avoids storage costs. But, you should be careful while choosing the service providers and consider the guidelines mentioned above for selling older or used assets.

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