How do I Sell Network Switches?

sell network switches

Don’t have any idea about how to sell network switches? We here help you to receive higher returns on selling unused or outdated switches. If packet switching and bandwidth demands in your organization, your networking equipment should have to change with advanced or new products. We will reduce some of your costs on network equipment by purchasing the older routers from you. We take all kinds of network switches with any brand. You can sell used IT equipment instead of maintaining an inventory of unwanted hardware assets. We provide professional services in addition to viable offers and free shipping.

Advantages of selling used or old network switches

A server’s evaluation will determine the divergences between the software discovery audit, physical audit, and existing asset or CMDB asset. Mapping out each of the involved software and hardware assets. Before starting the project, make sure that a final review should take place for each area.

    • If you have budget limitations to upgrade IT infrastructure, don’t forget that you have valuable network switches.
    • You can replace or exchange your used routers or switches with new equipment that helps to save money.
    • You can avoid depreciation and maintenance costs for used switches which may have problems due to age or unable to handle heavy workloads.
    • If your network switches don’t perform well, it’s better to opt for selling them that may not allow reducing business performance and customer dissatisfaction.
    • It makes sense to replace your equipment when spending maintenance costs on bulk hardware, including network switches.
    • You can save energy costs by using newer devices as they use energy efficiently to perform data operations. For example, suppose you have used network equipment that was established before 2010. In that case, it won’t meet the IEEE energy-efficient Ethernet standards to reduce energy consumption while running in low activity periods.
    • You can reduce server space that relies on how much amount of equipment you’re selling. You could shave off your rent by selling as many devices as possible that reduces the amount of server space.

To whom should you sell network equipment and why?

If you have pre-owned network equipment, one of the great things is gaining resale value for used assets, including network switches or routers. Before selling used network switches, it’s required to determine what makes you sell them, whether your business demands powerful hardware to meet certain specifications or some of the equipment not being used for a longer period or scaling down the business and requiring less equipment. Some leading service vendors can purchase unwanted switches from any brand like IBM, Cisco, Dell, HP, Juniper, Ruckus, etc., and provide fair market resale values. If you’re unsure why you want to sell or how much they are worth, you can contact the expert sales representative.

Why does the resale value differ from vendor to vendor?

When it comes to resale values and remarketing, different vendors have different characteristics. For instance, Cisco network switches and new models of Juniper networks are hard to resell. If the equipment is not too old, vendors can provide valuable prices for a small time frame. It’s difficult to predict the resale market value for extreme new networks. So, it’s preferable to choose an experienced and certified vendor when selling your old network routers. They can help you gain maximum returns on the sold equipment used to purchase new assets.

Ideal qualities of the vendor:

Experienced and genuine networking vendors will offer great resale values while making the selling process hassle-free and efficient. The vendor should have below ideal qualities including:

  • A reseller should provide IT disposition services
  • Should offer free shipping services
  • Should test the hardware before buying the networking hardware from you
  • Should have more years of experience
  • Should be knowledgeable in selling IT network equipment
  • Should facilitate different payment options

Precautions to be taken while selling network switches:

  • You better maintain a record of which networking devices to sell with their model numbers that will be helpful to overcome the discrepancies with the vendor you’re selling.
  • You need to know how much worth will gain for your used networking switches by verifying other vendors providing resale values for the same devices. You can do this simply by browsing the information online.
  • You better collect quotes from at least three experienced vendors to ensure that you’re getting the best market values on your unused assets. Based on the received quotes, you will get to know whether the vendor underestimates the value.
  • If you’re handling self-packaging of equipment, invest enough time for packing before shipping.


Selling your surplus or outdated networking switches to an ideal vendor makes you earn good returns on investment and get peace of mind. You can upgrade to a new infrastructure within a reasonable budget by replacing it with older equipment that improves employee productivity while reducing extra storage and hardware maintenance costs.

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